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Preston Racette

Preston Racette is an experienced branding consultant and winner of multiple communication awards. A man who dedicated his life to helping others live life to the fullest.

Mr. Racette currently leads a team at Racette Group. Racette Group is a team of local consultants that help you, as an individual or as an organization, reach your highest potential.

Mr. Racette worked at Hard-Line, the world’s most trusted remote control company. Over the years there, he gained vast experience in marketing and also gained understanding in sales, product design, administration, health & safety, human resources, organizational behaviour, etc. He contributed to Hard-Line’s awareness, sales, and growth objectives, executing a clearly defined marketing strategy. This helped take Hard-Line from obscurity to a global leader in their field.

Mr. Racette is expecting to get a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (Honours) from Nipissing University. He wants to study a cross-section of business disciplines to obtain a broad foundation in subjects such as Economics, Organizational Studies, Accounting, Management, and Marketing.

Mr. Racette has participated in many entrepreneurship and business programs such as the Starter Company Program, Norcat’s Entrepreneurship 101 program, and a self-directed learning program with coaching, and workshops based on the Rotman DesignWorks’ curriculum from the Rotman School of Management.

Graduating with honours, Mr. Racette earned an O.C.A.D. diploma in Graphic Design from Cambrian College. He won at 3 out of 4 student competitions applied to.

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